These three frequencies, if developed sufficiently, produce everlasting life. Each frequency is a virtue, an emotion, and a magickal force for creating change. They are not abstract, intellectual concepts. Here are a few ideas and proposals to further their development in society, and in the individual.

PRAISE: Praise is a fire, or light, which needs to be established within the heart. It is our most sacred duty to keep this fire burning perpetually, in the midst of all situations. If we do this, then, in time, flames of praise spread from the heart and ignite eternal fires within every atom and cell of the physical body. Praise has two functions:

1. Purification – As a fire, it consumes all illusions, limitations, and judgements. All that is not immortal vanishes in its blaze. 2. Illumination – Praise casts a light of awareness upon the presence of beauty, eternity, infinity, and immortality which are in all things. Praise does not ask for anything; nor does it give anything. It simply recognises the omnipresence of immortal reality. Nothing else exists.

Self-awareness is essential for the strengthening of all virtues. It is always preferable to discover one’s own strengths and weaknesses, rather than to have someone else tell you about them. Look around you now… Do you see the Immortal Presence in all things? Write down what you do see it in, and what you don’t. Set aside some time every day and use this time to praise, one at a time, anything on your list. Make sure that you have a True Will to Praise all things, and that it makes intellectual sense to do so. Exert your will and imagination to feel flames of praise emanating from your heart and body towards the object or the situation you are concentrating on. The development of any quality is like the exercising of a muscle – regular exercise is essential, in order to develop the strength and consistency of any immortal virtue.

If interested, try this experiment: Get a list of all the times that transiting Mars conjuncts anything in your natal astrological chart. Mars will conjunct everything in the chart over a two year period. Set aside a couple of hours embracing each time and use these periods as special occasions for working with Praise.

It is a great delight to see the Immortal Presence in all things, all the time. Do not perpetuate illusions; do not make spiritual judgements about anyone – the person you are judging may be an immortal in disguise. Don’t place any limitations upon the potential for any situation to give the highest blessing.

Have faith in your ability to exert your Immortal Will in all situations. There are no initiations to be gained by praising what is easy to praise. Select a challenge which matches your faith and courage. Start with the little challenges, and work your way to the larger ones. If you do this, you will find that your faith and courage also increase, step by step, as you go along. Eventually, only the Immortal Reality will remain. Persist and be patient – you have all the time in the universe.

LOVE: Love is the immortal substance of nutrition. Overcome all barriers to either giving or receiving love, between yourself and the entirety of the universe, and you will gain the ability to perfectly fulfil your highest purpose. Love nourishes the True Will. Thus, love gives one the ability to completely manifest the True Will. Develop the True Will to direct your own energies of love in constant dedication to the nourishment of every Highest Purpose throughout all of creation, without exception, and with equality of force and grace. Find the Holy Grail within your Heart, and direct its waters of love throughout all time and space. Write your own interpretation of exactly what this means.

The sun nourishes almost every life form on earth. So, as Mars is a symbol for praise, the sun is the archetype of love. Work with the energy of the sun to expand and develop the virtues and emanative qualities of your heart. Breathe in its warmth and radiance, and hold these feelings in your heart area for a few seconds before you exhale. Go to a rose garden, and do the same with the fragrance of a living flower. Within your heart, let the fragrance of the rose fertilise the prana of the sun. Open your heart and give birth to a love which nourishes and fulfils the ultimate evolutionary purpose of the universe.

Unite Love with the True Will at all times, and the structures of coercion will dissolve. Then, the art of liberty shall be revealed. Never presume to know what the True Will of another being is. Love given with this presumption perpetuates all structures of coercion. The love you give is an energy liberated by will from all structure. The love you receive is given structure by the wisdom of your eternal spirit – which is your True Will.

Observe yourself throughout an average day. Are you giving an energy that nourishes the true purpose of every being you encounter? Record your observations. Regularly consecrate your every thought, word, and act to the giving of love to all things. Again, work to improve any noted weaknesses, beginning with the easier challenges, and working up to the more difficult ones. Don’t just read positive advice – put it into concrete action. Develop a strategy, and keep with it. Keeping a special journal is always a useful thing to do.

Some people are better at giving love, than they are at receiving it. Again, make a conscious effort to absorb love from every situation in your life. Love is at the foundation of the universe. It is the substance that makes things exist. In other words, it is everywhere, and it is possible to assimilate it directly into your body at the cellular and atomic levels. Love emanates from all beings, and from all objects. Animism will increasingly be seen as a useful philosophy for living harmoniously in the 21st century. If you are totally open to giving and receiving love in all situations, then you become a superconductor of love. Then, it becomes possible to subsist solely on love, as a form of nourishment. This is amorianism (from the Latin amor – love). Amorians are able to create nutrition from the prana of love which is in all things. For example, an amorian can extract food from breath, sunshine, stars, rocks, the wind, a painting in an art gallery, etc. Love exists in equal density in all phenomena. Create changes in your life which allow you to arrive at the full experience of this truth.

THANKSGIVING: The universe is a living, conscious being that is dedicated to change. When this universe was created, a great explosion of joy and gratitude was created. Today, this thanksgiving exists as a subtle radiation permeating every galaxy. Work with this frequency of thanksgiving, and you accelerate the universal evolutionary agenda.

Jupiter is the planetary symbol for gratitude. The Horn of Plenty, or the Unicorn’s horn, is an emblem. Magnification, expansion, abundance, and prosperity are the results of thanksgiving. Life is the most precious gift in the universe, no matter what galaxy you are living in. Always work to strengthen the joy and gratitude you feel for the precious gift of your own life.

As you strengthen the force of your thanksgiving for life, direct the abundancy of this feeling towards all other life forms. Be thankful for the presence of every being, and work to preserve all life, without exception. The purpose of truth, and the way of truth, is to make life more abundant – to raise the quality of life for all beings. Joyous thanksgiving is the primary instrument for the fulfilling of this purpose.

It’s a simple process to find things to be more grateful for. Every Thursday (the word is associated with Jupiter) try this experiment: Go about your day and, approximately every 30 minutes, pause and record anything within the last half hour that you recall that you haven’t been radiantly grateful for. Also record any less than grateful memories about the past, or thoughts about the future. If it is convenient, go back to the physical locations of any place where you were not thankful, and irradiate the site with feelings of joy and gratitude. If it is not easy to get back to these places, on the day or on any day, then re-image the situation and permeate it with these qualities. Never go to sleep if there is something that happened during the day that blocked you from speeding up the universe’s evolutionary plans with your magick of joyous thanksgiving.

If we are ungrateful for something, it is very likely that life will conspire to recreate the same situation again and again, until finally we have the strength to embrace it with open-hearted gratitude as it happens. When, finally, we do this, then initiation occurs – and we move on to new experiences and challenges further along the spiral of the immortal journey.

Have faith in the law of gratitude. Even though your mind or your emotions may not always think that you should be grateful for some particular experience, exert your True Will, and use the magickal law of gratitude. If you eventually master this law in your life, 24 hours a day, every day, then forgiveness becomes inappropriate in all situations. Healing becomes obsolete. Healing can only exist as a temporary illusion in linear time, formed by some lack of joyous thanksgiving for something. Physically immortal beings are equally grateful for all of the experiences of living. Recognise clearly that this is the standard you are striving for. Nothing less will suffice.

So, do you have enough praise, love, and thanksgiving? The development of all eternalising qualities is an open-ended process. Each virtue can only be raised to new intensities of grace, truth, and magick. Develop an ability to feel each quality in your heart area, and throughout all of your body. Feel and understand how the three qualities differ from each other. Then work to integrate the three virtues into one, integrated instrument for magickal change.

Praise purifies, love nourishes, and thanksgiving multiplies. The Immortal Way – an initiatory journey which forever expands into a more abundant and joyous experience of living – is always a way of purification, nourishment, and multiplication. Eventually, the growing strength of these three frequencies unites matter and spirit into one substance. All entropy is thus eliminated from the eternalised physical body.

Is it part of your unwavering eternal Purpose to completely master the laws and frequencies of praise, love, and joyous thanksgiving in every instant and situation of your life? If so, then you are on the Immortal Pathway. The Immortal Fruit of this journey is always present – and being offered to you – in each and every situation and moment of your experience. Look around you, and look within… Wherever you look, Immortality is Here Now. Lay bare the beauty and eternal nature of all things. With praise, love, and thanksgiving, excavate this Truth – for yourself, and for all beings. Nothing less than this is worthy of being called the Great Work.

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