Did you know that approximately 50% of the people that do Internet dating are married or are in committed relationships? After spending hours on line you will find out that most of the people you meet online often do not turn out to be as they portrayed themselves – they post photos of themselves taken 20 years ago or often not even their own pictures, etc. While dating online, you will have to take risks on yourself and to verify if the information presented online is accurate or take chances to meet total strangers. Most people prefer to know that the stranger they’re going out with has already been through a background check for arrests or criminal activity. Research shows that less than 1% of online singles ever make a love connection. Online dating can be very time-consuming. Our service is stress-free, financially beneficial and efficient.

Sophia has access to a national database so she does all work for you. So all you have to do is trust her, follow her advice, and have fun. She introduces you to only carefully selected, commitment orientated and like-minded matches with social, economic, cultural backgrounds and goals similar to yours. She is applying a unique and custom-tailored approach to identify, filter and qualify potential matches. Her services are absolutely confidential, discreet and discerning. She addresses personal safety and conducts background checks and in-depth pre-screening interviews on all clients, and the introductions they receive, to verify accuracy of information provided. All clients and their possible matches are interviewed by the same person to exclude a ‘broken link’ in the communication, so their needs and wishes are understood and satisfied. Her work style provides her clients a comfortable, non-intimidating, and non-competitive atmosphere. All of her introductions are made prior by mutual approval and all matches answer the client’s personal criteria and preferences.

How different is SOPHISTICATED MATCHMAKING from Video dating?

If you don’t have much to do and have a lot of free time – video dating services might be right for you. You will do all of the searching though on your own. You will be offered a database of profiles to go through with photographs and the written description of potential matches on the back. Most of the time people make their initial search based on the picture, and then they can watch a 2-10 minutes videos of the “matches’ they chose. This approach is highly superficial. People waste hours of their time and they find themselves single and lonely at the end. We individually handpick, interview and screen matches for our clients. We know exactly what our clients looking for and deliver it to them.

How different are your services from a blind date set up by friends?

The matches we choose for you are carefully screened and selected to match with your desires and expectations, as opposite to introductions through friends when all they have in mind is that you are both single and are looking to meet someone.

We also help you to make the right choice. The problem is that everyone has a pattern they use in the relationships. What we call chemistry is actually sitting deep in unconscious and is hard wired. It determines your relationships choices for the rest of your life. Because of it, you crave specific types of people and situations whether they are good for you or not. You will continue to do this unless you do something to change your hard wiring. You cannot change your wiring by reading a book. If you could you would have exactly the kind of relationships you want by now. Only method that imprint the original primal level and interrupt your original wiring can change your relationship patterns and finally help you to find what you deserve and desire for yourself.

How different are your services from other matchmaking services?

  • We are not a Dating Agency. We do not offer you a number game. You are only introduced to people who meet carefully selected, qualified, pre-screened high-caliber matched with similar goals, beliefs, ambitions, life style, personal requirement and taste.
  • We do not match our clients to only within our database; we also search outside of our database. We are looking for your match for you everywhere. We invest money and time in our exclusive search. We add new additions to our exclusive database daily.
  • We  will learn more about your family and past partners. We will help you evaluate your past relationships, identify your particular patterns and help you to move forward to your dream.
  • We will learn more about you, your lifestyle, personality, character, your expectations and defining your criteria so we could conduct the personalized search, addressing your specific, individual preferences, geographic considerations and various compatibility requirements.
  • We will inspire you and all of your senses to enjoy a new happier life.
  • We will help you set personal relationship goals for a more rewarding future by creating a Love Development Plan.

Our mission statement is:

With the highest degree of professional service and integrity, SOPHISTICATED MATCHMAKING is committed to:

  • Provide each individual client with the genuine attention, understanding and assistance they require to achieve their personal and social goals;
  • Provide each individual client with the finest personal service with exclusive, filtered, and qualified potential best matches;
  • Provide experiences that enliven the senses, instills well-being, and fulfill even the unexpressed wishes and needs of their clients.

What are the benefits of using your service?

WE MAKE IT STRESS-FREE AND FINANCIALLY BENEFICIAL. Through the use of a specialized pre-qualifying process, Sophia gets to know you and your possible match very well, thereby introducing you to only the most eligible and compatible people. You will quickly discover how stress-free and financially rewarding the matchmaking experience can be, with little effort on your part.

I am very picky, what I am looking for is one out a million.

We do not believe that a person has little or no chances to find the perfect match. The lack of choices and limited exposure to people of your caliber and qualities is usually what prevents people to find what they want. As long as your expectations are reasonable, we can put all our energy to hunt for you best match, even if we have to go outside out database. We are here for you not to limit your expectations, but to help you to reach your goals. The longer you wait, quite frankly, the harder it gets. Active approach will bring you closer to your dream, as apposed to being passive and waiting until the future will knock on your door.

Why do I need to pay to meet someone?

We live in a service-oriented world. We hire a Real Estate Broker to buy a home… a Travel Agent to book a trip… an Employment Agency to find a new job… an Attorney to protect and represent our interest… a Financial Advisor to make smart investments for us, and… a CPA to prepare our taxes.
Finding love is one of the most important decisions you make in your lifetime. Buying the wrong house can be easily fixed. You just sell it. However, it’s not easy to put yourself back on the market and search for a new love.
Break-ups and divorces not only affect our emotional happiness but make a deep impact on our social and business life as well. So, why let the most important decisions of your life be left to pure chance? Do it right! Hire Sophia McDonald at Sophisticated Matchmaking to help you effortlessly make the right choice and find the partner you desire and deserve.

I'm incredibly busy and barely have time for myself.

Finding lasting love connection is sensitive and time consuming. You may feel you do not need to use such services. Or believe you actually have a chance to meet that special person on your own. We are not saying you cannot – just that chances are very small. The higher your standards – the lower your chances. Most attractive and successful people have no problem meeting other people. On the contrary, they attract too many people – making it more difficult to recognize the SPECIAL one.

How do you meet new people in your life? Through friends?… At parties?… In a bar?… At your sports club?… On a blind date?… or possibly on-line? All of these approaches can be entertaining for a while, but in a long run, they are all a waste of time. With our fast-paced lifestyles and living in an era of high technology and booming internet services, more people are finding traditional matchmakers to be an easier and more convenient way to find the love of their life.

Do you take every person who contacts you as a client?

  • If we believe we are unable to find the perfect match for a potential client or believe their expectations are unrealistic – we will not accept them as a client. Our services are very popular and a lot of people are interested in becoming our clients. We make sure that when we take on clients, we are able to provide them with the type of people that they are interested in meeting.
  • We do not discriminate based on age, ancestry, color, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.
  • We do not work with legally married people.

Where do you find the people who I go on my dates with?

  • We invest time and money in our exclusive search.
  • We search for high-caliber women and men in places where this particular type of person usually frequents.
  • We are involved with organizations and events in Washington that appeal to a more sophisticated crowd.
  • We attend the latest cultural events, golf tournaments, galas, openings, upscale clubs, and restaurants.
  • We also search for exquisite women and high caliber men through our personal network of connections, publications in media and the web, advertising campaigns in sport and social clubs, spas, private parties, the most prestigious and exclusive fundraising events.
  • We constantly employ the use of our network connections with multiple businesses and social organizations and groups. We include newly qualified prospects to our exclusive database daily.
  • We will only introduce you to carefully selected and high-caliber matches who meet your personal requirements and taste.

Do you work with people who live/or work outside of the Seattle Greater Area?

We DO work with people who DO NOT live in the Seattle Greater Area, but most of them are bi-city, they travel back and forth between their city and the Seattle Greater Area so we can provide them dates when they come into town. Unfortunately, if you do not have a direct contact to the Seattle Greater Area, it is very difficult for us to work with you.

How do you match people?

Our commitment to finding your perfect match is based on lifestyle, life goals, personal values and psychological compatibility. We DO NOT find matches based on common interests and hobbies.
We believe the relationship is all about how two romantic partners act in life’s prickly situations. It’s their ability to create a good “fit”, even when their connection doesn’t seem seamless, smooth and natural. We encourage our clients to focus less on physical criteria and common interests and more on a potential romantic partner’s “relationship skills” or “emotional intelligence.”
You probably asked yourself many times why you choose the same type of the partner over and over again, why partners change so much after having sex, why are you attracting to the opposites, will the relationships get better or worse after the marriage, why chemistry doesn’t always mean love? Some people feel they can no longer trust their intuition or their own judgment regarding choice of a romantic partner.
We will help you to find answers to all this questions, to understand yourself and to analyze your needs and desires. We carefully evaluate your family background and history of your past relationships to recognize your past patterns of behavior. We assess you core personality characteristics and discuss you values and goals to clarify your important emotional and interpersonal needs and desires in order to find you a person who will be your true match. We learn about your physical appeal and other private personal preferences to define what will be that unique receipt for chemistry that leads to strong lasting relationship.

Do I have to contact my match myself to coordinate our date?

Each candidate, we introduce you to, is carefully screened and interviewed. You choose whom you want to meet based on recommended guidance and suggestions. The entire process is discreet, safe, dignified, comfortable, and most of all, results oriented. Each introduction is made based on mutual approval. Once you have approved one another, you will exchange contact information with each other. We will coordinate your first date to ensure both parties are comfortable. We will be with you throughout each step of the matchmaking process to ensure that you are making the best use of your time, energy and efforts.

What is the difference between a SOPHISTICATED MATCHMAKING FREE Database Member and SOPHISTICATED MATCHMAKING Certified Database Member?


If you found us on-line or met me in person and I referred you to our website, and you would like to join our database, all you have to do is to register online and fill the questionnaire.


*All of your information is confidential and might be viewed only by SM matchmakers, staff and active and potential clients we think you might be a match with.

Once you became a member of the database, you will get a chance to be chosen as a potential date by active clients. After you have been chosen, we will contact you to see if you are interested in being introduced to one or some of our clients. If there is an interest on your behalf, we will schedule a one-on-one private interview to get to know you better and determine if you will be a good potential match for each other. Although there are no guarantees that once you are placed into our database you will be introduced to someone or we will have a match – but your chances of extremely good.

CERTIFIED DATABASE MEMBER (screened and interviewed)

If you would like to increase your chances to be chosen, you can request PRIVATE CONFIDENTIAL INTERVIEW AND COMPLIMENTARY COACHING SESSION (*A fee of $395 applies. The fee associated with the consultation is for Sophia’s time and does not guarantee membership or any introductions to individuals. The consultation fee is nonrefundable).

Once you have been approved, you will be added to our off-line database. So when our clients are reviewing profiles and by some reason skip your picture without knowing that you might be a perfect match for them, we will make a special introduction and point their attention in your direction. Photos and short description profiles are sometimes deceiving and many times people who you might like in real life you wouldn’t pick by their picture. And the opposite can also be true. Joining our off-line database is a great option if you want to keep your information totally confidential. It can only be reviewed by the matchmaker and partially viewed by our clients. REQUEST your private and confidential consultation now.

I am attractive, successful, outgoing and hot – Matchmaking services are for losers! Besides, the kind of people I am looking for would never join service like this!

Well, you will be surprised by the quality of people who are seeking professional help to reach their personal goals.
Our clients are attractive, successful and well-educated individuals, who have a lot to offer. The higher the standards are and the more they have to offer, the more difficult is to find an equally high-caliber match. Our clients do not have any problem meeting other people – instead they are very sought-after and desired which makes it harder for them to make the right choice and to find time to explore all the opportunities life has to offer.
Our services attract varied professionals: CEO’s of major corporations, business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, physicians, attorneys, doctors, models, professionals in the financial industry, higher education, pharmaceuticals, technology and government.
Finding lasting love is sensitive and time consuming. You may feel you do not need to use such services or believe, that you actually have a chance to meet that special person on your own. We are not saying you cannot – just that chances are very small. The higher your standards – the lower your chances. Most attractive and successful people have no problem meeting other people. On the contrary, they attract too many, making it a lot more difficult to recognize the SPECIAL one.

What additional services do you offer to your clients and database members?

Once you will register you will be added to our mailing list, we will occasionally send you newsletters and email you notifications of special events offered by Sophisticated Matchmaking, Inc. You can also check our website for the upcoming events:

  • Private Dinner Parties
  • Singles Events
  • Charity events
  • Holiday events
  • Relationships workshops and seminars, which offer you:
    • an inspirational experience
    • developing exciting material
    • unbelievable surprises (raffle and present to each guest)
    • amazing true stories
    • real-world strategies for success and personal growth
    • exquisite singles to meet



  • You will get a chance to learn more about yourself, your family and your past partners.
  • We will help you evaluate your past relationships and identify your particular patterns.
  • You will meet other singles who are sophisticated, educated, smart, attractive, successful and  picky, just like you are. You will get to know each other in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere over an intellectual discussion and a delicious lunch.
  • You and all of your senses will get inspired to enjoy a new happier life
  • You will leave with a written step by step strategy plan to make your dream come true and MAYBE EVEN TO MEET THE LOVE OF YOUR DREAMS!

How do I know your service will work for me?

Our first conversation will usually take 20-30 minutes. We will learn briefly about who you are, what you are looking for and will determine whether or not we can be of service.

Before we schedule a private interview, you will be asked to complete our “Comprehensive Personal Profile”. Please complete as much information as you can. In this way both of us will be prepared for the interview and save time. We will have to receive the completed “Comprehensive Personal Profile” at least 24 hours prior to our scheduled interview meeting time.

You will be scheduled to have a “Private Confidential Interview” (a fee of $450 applies; this fee is nonrefundable; it is for Sophia’s time only; it does not guarantee membership or any introductions to individuals). This interview usually takes about 2,5 hours and possibly a bit more. We will dedicate as much time as necessary to insure that we completely understand what it is you are seeking. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible. In this way you will be confident and assured that we can fulfill your needs and wishes.

What is the difference between a SOPHISTICATED MATCHMAKING Client and a SOPHISTICATED MATCHMAKING Database Member?

For the person, who becomes our client, we are searching for his best possible match within or outside our database. If you feel you are ready for committed relationships and would like to find your second half and to fall in love but are not ready to pay a fee to become a client – joining our database and becoming a free database member might be a best option.

Once you became a member of our exclusive database, you will get a chance to be chosen as a potential date by our active clients. After you have been chosen we will contact you to see if you are interested to be introduced to our clients. If there is an interest on your behalf, we will schedule a one-on-one private interview to get to know you better and determine if you will be a good potential match to each other. Although there are no guarantees that once you are placed into database you will be introduced to someone or we will have a match for you but there is a big chance for it.

Registration as our Database Member is free of charge. As an option, for an a fee of $450, our professional matchmaker will conduct a [two hour] personal interview with you to gather more information about you as well as your desired match; this personal interview service is optional and you are not required to sign up for the personal interview as a condition of being selected by us as our Database Member.

Registering as our Database Member allows you to participate in some but not all of our facilities; moreover, such registration does not include the personal and professional services of our matchmaker(s). To gain full access to our services, you must become a Client of Sophisticated Matchmaking.

How do I start?

If you need more information, have any additional question or would like to schedule an complimentary 30 min interview or a private appointment – please, let us know:

  • call us at (206) 683-0089
  • REQUEST a private interview
  • REGISTER  for a free database membership

Do you offer any guarantees?

  • We guarantee that you will be introduced to eligible singles who meet your individual criteria for a life-partner
  • We also guarantee that we perform detailed interview and screening on all of our clients and database members before they go on their first date.
  • We cannot guarantee communication to occur or relationships to develop after two of you met.

Is it safe to use your services and if my private information will be kept confidential?

We value our client and social member’s privacy and confidentiality. We guarantee personal information will never be given out without the express written permission of the individual. W only send your first name and email address to the person you are being introduced to. Providing your last name or other more specific information to your introduction is left completely to your discretion. All personal information is totally private and discreet and is viewed internally by only the trusted professional matchmakers of the SM stuff. We treat all clients and social members equally with the same confidentiality and privacy.

Do you perform background check on every database member?

Important: while SMI makes an effort to ensure that its clients and its “introductions” are the persons of good moral character, SMI does not and cannot guarantee it. SMI does not routinely perform any background checks of the persons with whom it works. However, upon your request, and at your expense, SMI will order a comprehensive background check of any of your“introductions.”Nevertheless, even a thorough background check may not reveal the complete history and background of a given person. Thus, SMI is in no way responsible or liable to you for any damage resulting from your interactions with any of your “introductions.” You agree to use SMI’s services at your own risk. You understand that you should use common sense when interacting with your “introductions” just as you would when you interact with any strangers.

What do you charge?

Fees for our services are extremely competitive – but not cheap! Our fees can vary depending on the duration of representation, agreed upon matches included in the agreement, range of additional services included, the level of intensity and the amount of work involved to successfully search on behalf of our clients.

* If we believe we are unable to secure matches for potential clients or we consider their expectations to be unrealistic, we reserve the right to refuse representation.

1)   An Initial Private Confidential Interview and a Coaching Session (about 3 hours): includes a personal assessment to secure appropriate information about your desires and considerations; past history and patterns evaluation; and developing your Personal Love Development Plan.

*A fee of $450 applies. The fee associated with this consultation/interview is for Sophia’s time and does not guarantee membership or any introductions to individuals. The consultation fee is nonrefundable. During this consultation both potential client and Sophisticated Matchmaking should decide whether they desire to move forward with representation.


2)   Love and Dating Coaching Packages: SM bases its fees on the amount of time your personal coach spends with you. SMI’s fees are charged at an hourly rate of $200; SM may increase its rate periodically. Each coaching session may last from one to three hours. You must pay for each coaching session prior to its scheduled date. Check our most popular coaching package “100 Days of Greatness” – Three Months Intensive Coaching Camp (sessions every week)

3)   Matchmaking and Marketing/Consulting Services: fees range from $500 to $10,000+ and are due and payable at time of signing of the Agreement. Price of matchmaking plans depend upon client’s specifications as to their potential mate, frequency and number of introductions, and ancillary services chosen.

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