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Learn the Art of Dating and Secrets of Charm and become a Love Magnet with our coaching tools and strategies!

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Dating and Relationship Coaching Packages What attracts others to you is your vital energy! Nothing else! Personal magnetism is the ability to unlock another person’s spontaneity. If you are afraid to lose anything, you are not free. Only when you are free can you become magnetic.

Do you ever experience humiliation, blame, despair, regret, anxiety, or hatred in your relationships with others? If you do, you are not alone. It is one thing to know what you really want, but it is truly an achievement to allow yourself to arrive at your desired destination—without getting stuck in worry, doubt, or fear on the way. And that is what we help you with!!!

Developing SPONTANEITY, INTUITION, & SELF-RESPECT are the main goals of our method, as they are the golden gates to happiness, success, and abundance.

We will leave you with a step-by-step plan to create peace, love, and understanding in your relationships—even when it seems like nothing works. It’s not as hard as it looks. All it takes is to have a look from a new perspective. You can’t change your situation using the same tools it was originally created by.

We offer personalized dating and relationship solutions based on where you are in your life and what your personal needs and goals are at the moment. No matter what your past experiences have been like, or what your current relationship status is, you have the potential to create something lasting, deep, rich, and meaningful. This is the ultimate goal of our dating and relationship support.


***This is an advanced level package, and we recommend taking it after our basic level package, “100 Days of Greatness.” 

Working on magnetism begins with unlearning old patterns before learning new ones. For that, you need both self-evaluation and the courage to admit where you are wrong.

Our Dating and Relationship Coaching Packages will give you the tools and strategies to master the art of successful dating. Our method has been found to be not only effective, but also somewhat immediate. Miraculous results can be produced when you have focused, professional support. During your coaching sessions, you will be engaged in the process of discovering your truth, and leave with a clear, detailed practice plan, effective tools, and new skills to create magic in your love life. Through real world case study analysis, our program will help you learn:

  • How to grow your personal significance
  • How to become charismatic
  • How to provoke a romantic interest in another
  • How empathy, self-respect, and good boundaries affect the level of your magnetism
  • How to be proactive in dating without being pushy or needy
  • Successful dating strategies and the secrets of charm and seduction
  • All about “love predators”
  • “Tantra 101”

Magnetism is an ability to unlock another person’s spontaneity. It creates a good flow of energy in a specific resource (or in several at once). For that energy flow to be consistent and uninterrupted, an internal locus of control, conscious self-regulations, good boundaries, and adequate self-esteem are all needed.

Once you master your dating skills to the point that you don’t think about execution, you’ll be able to express your will with an empty mind. You’ll allow the Universal flow to take place and love will happen before your eyes.


Aimed at those who are recently single after a long relationship as well as those who have been single for some time. This package combines date coaching, relationship coaching, and image consultation

  • The main paradox of dating sites and how to overcome it
  • How to create a winning online dating profile
  • Three ways to start an online relationship
  • How to initiate contact, to create interest, and to avoid rejection
  • Old dating rules to be avoided in modern dating
  • Successful strategies at the initial dating stages
  • Main rules of online communication (dos and don’ts in texting)
  • How to achieve reciprocity and to be liked by those you pick
  • Difference between proactive and active/reactive dating
  • How to catch the interest of another, and grow your love significance for them
  • How to create a burning desire in another
  • The main secret of attractiveness
  • How to recognize if your date is worth your investment of time or not
  • How to overcome frustration and disappointment in dating and to get motivated to search for love all over again
  • Where to start in the development of charisma, spontaneity, and charm


A real master class in dating! In this program, you will learn effective tools and strategies on how to make such a deep impact that the other person offers you love and adoration without any pressure or manipulations – voluntarily!

*** This is an advanced level package, and we recommend taking it after our basic level package, “100 Days of Consciousness.”

  • Get realistic about what you’re truly seeking – love, desire, attachment, or benefits
  • Learn what your “love market value” or “love significance” is, and how to estimate it
  • Develop skills to increase your “love significance”
  • Charisma, charm, and magnetism—learn the main differences and ways to develop them
  • Learn common communication mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Learn how to get rid of ego-centric speech in dating communication
  • Learn to dispel Illusions, false perceptions and unrealistic expectation
  • Discover how to manifest good luck and spontaneous fulfillment of desire
  • Learn the universal laws of personal energy management
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with others and express yourself
  • Understand the deadly dating mistakes that kill romance and attraction
  • Improve your dating texting communication skills
  • Learn how to obtain romantic reciprocity and to grow mutual attraction
  • Learn modern flirting rules
  • Learn social media dating rules
  • Discover how to handle the friend zone, disappointment, and frustration
  • Learn how to attract whom you want and not just who wants you


A real master class in dating! In this program, you will learn effective tools and strategies on how to make such a deep impact that the other person offers you love and adoration without any pressure or manipulations – voluntarily!

  • We can handle replies for one or several of your text conversations at a time
  • Our approach focuses on analyzing, correcting, and improving online communication skills. It will help you grow attraction, reduce conflict, and maintain healthy dynamics in all your relationships.
  • We help you see what’s invisible to you—shining light on your communicative blind spots.

What the story is about doesn’t matter—how the story is told is everything! 

The diagnosing of your problems doesn’t depend on what you’re saying, but rather how you do it and what form you tell it in. The way you formulate your thoughts is more important than your thoughts themselves. Your formulation shows the state of your personal boundaries, locus of control, self-esteem, self-respect, illusions, dependencies, and expectations.


Turning the wounds of the past into the purpose of the future The intention here is to ensure that debris from a negative relationship does not impact future interactions and serves to help kick-start the healing process.

We can help with:

  • Recovery from: divorce, unhealthy relationship, love addiction, painful break-up, love predator manipulations or abusive relationship
  • Restoring self-esteem, building self-respect, improving boundaries, growing resources
  • Boosting vital energy, finding lost balance and motivation to life, restoring hope in love and happy relationship
  • Learning new communication tools for successful, healthy connections
  • Understanding your relationship dynamics
  • Dealing with jealousy or betrayal
  • Handling comebacks
  • Resolving unfinished business and getting closure in past relationships


Helping you find the image that delivers the best message of who you really are; an image that matches your personality and inner energies and makes a spontaneity spark. We will help you create a well-developed image that is relaxed and natural—matching your personality, body/face type, and status. 

The ideal image is NOT about clothes and style. A lack of spontaneity is what makes your image dull and unattractive. A harmonically chosen image reduces the inner and outer pressure from stress and increases energy flow. Spontaneity will increase and allow you to feel relaxed, confident, and alive—with a bright spark in your eyes.

The best-chosen image:

  • Complements your Beauty – Mind – and Personality (Beauty is what your body looks like; Mind is how your intellect works; Personality ( identity) is how you manage your energy and maintain your inner balance)
  • Harmonically matches your body type, energy type, age, and social status
  • Improves your sex appeal, charm, and magnetism

In preparation for your new life challenges, we help you:

  • Get in shape
  • Update your style
  • Refresh your makeup and hairstyle
  • Revise your wardrobe


Improve relationships at work, or with relatives, kids, co-workers, friends, lovers, or romantic partners.

  • Peel off illusions about yourself and get a realistic view of others around you
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Patch personal boundaries
  • Learn new tools for conflict resolution and eliminate stress
  • Develop empathy and intuition
  • Master external focus on the other person
  • Learn to recognize and respect the boundaries of the other
  • Eliminate all manipulations from interpersonal relationship
  • Learn to gain the respect of the other person
  • Discover how to grow your personal significance for the other
  • Improve, save, or restore an existing relationship
  • Save your relationship from becoming default and imbalanced


Transform your life in 100 days: achieve a balanced life, make better decisions, and take positive action to reach your dreams!

Break through your limitations, get over an emotional devastation, develop new communication skills, eliminate stress and conflict, make your life happier and more fulfilling, and improve not only your romantic relationship, but also your relationship with your family, colleagues, and your friends.

Personal growth means a comprehensive process of expanding your inner freedom Focus on your self-actualization and self-realization. It will give you control of the internal forces that shape the direction of your life—allowing you to fully realize your romantic, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual potential.

  • Peel off illusions and plug into reality
  • Make your desires, thoughts, and actions deliberate, authentic and conscious
  • Pick one or several areas in your life that you wish to improve
  • Learn new tools for handling problematic situations
  • Create a fulfilling reality
  • Improve your vital energy level
  • Master your interpersonal communication skills
  • Boost your self-esteem, discipline, and self-regulation
  • Adjust your self-respect
  • Patch your personal boundaries
  • Build your personal resources (image, body shape, work, etc.)
  • Grow your motivation, intuition, and personal magnetism


Improve life quality * Become a love magnet* Build healthy, fulfilling relationships with others
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