Factors and Solutions For Dating Success

“The perfect act is a physical expression of the mental manifestation of spiritual integration”~ Jack Schwartz

To live with illusions is like driving a car without breaks—it’s in a state of constant collision with reality. You can only attract a match of the same level of consciousness as your own.
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Factors For Matchmaking Success

Often, singles want to hire a matchmaker to delegate the task of introducing them to the love of their life—this is like hiring a fitness trainer to give them a six-pack without spending one minute in the gym. People believe the matchmaker will make them happy and lovable—fixing their love life in three quick months—despite their unsuccessful personal attempts for most of their lives.

People often ask what our success rate is, without ever understanding that the success rate depends on the level of their own resources and personal magnetism. All a matchmaker can do is increase the number of possibilities that are available to you according to your current state of objective significance—determined by your image adequacy, body shape, age, education, financial resources, work, appearance, spontaneity, and charm, compared to those of your competition.

With traditional matchmaking or online dating, you are only able to attract a match that is matching your level of consciousness at the moment.

The success rate of a matchmaker depends on three factors:

  1. 1)  The size and quality of the singles pool available to a matchmaker
  2. 2)  The matchmaker’s level of intuition, experience, and talent to recognize and match energies
  3. 3)  It also HIGHLY depends on the client’s level of consciousness, maturity, and readiness for lasting long-term relationships

Many singles’ criteria for the perfect match are unrealistic and superficial. Their communication skills are directly proportional to the level of their self-awareness. If singles have bad personal boundaries and lack spontaneity and empathy—no matter how high their objective significance—a matchmaker CANNOT have a high success rate with them. Singles must possess a stellar image and pleasant communication skills in order to be popular and lovable.

Seeking Others For Personal Fulfillment

Many singles have an inflamed and exaggerated self-perception. That is the most common reason why their previous relationships were unsuccessful. Now, they are asking the matchmaker for a match of even better quality than they were able to attract in the past!

Most requests to matchmakers sound something like this:

“Do you know anyone I can use to make myself feel better and fulfill my needs and desires? Here is a list of everything they need to have in order to serve me better. Also, I am a Precious Treasure! Here is a list of all my accomplishments to prove to you I deserve all I am asking and seeking for!”

No long term success can be achieved if a matchmaker has to work with singles in frustration following their love addiction—seeking a new fix as a remedy for their lack of happiness and inner fulfillment.

The whole point of looking for someone is the manifestation of a need:

  • Expectations are projected on the other
  • Fears are lined up
  • Self-defenses and self-protections are built
  • Spontaneity and magnetism are killed

Love Misconception

If you are running away from your loneliness; if you cannot enjoy your own company—constantly seeking someone to make you feel complete and secure—you are not ready for true love. You can never find happiness due to your Ego always being hungry—never feeling like it had enough. 

What many people call “falling in love,” most of the time, is just a craving for the satisfaction of personal wants and needs. People confuse love with what they want or desire, which gets its roots from their Ego. They confuse love with their reaction to external circumstances or internal desires. They even replace that person in their mind with a self-created image—then developing an addiction to that imaginary figment.

That has nothing to do with real “true love”“True love” starts when you stop wanting and don’t have any expectations. What people consider being their best match is often nothing more than a self-enhancement.

Actual You Vs. Desired You

After interviewing hundreds of single people, we have discovered that the main problem is a misalignment between who they desire, and who they are capable of attracting. There is an “Actual You” and an “Imaginary You,” and that predetermines not only the choices but also the outcomes.

While your conscious mind is searching for the “perfect mate,” your subconscious mind is only able to attract the “perfect match.” Who you visualize in your mind as a perfect match is sitting deep in your unconscious—hard-wired. This desire pre-determines your relationship choices for the rest of your life. Because of it, you crave specific types of people and situations, whether they are good for you or not.

Everyone has a pattern they use in their relationships. You will continue to do this unless you do something to change your hard wiring. Only a method that imprints the original, primal level, pulls out your core fears—interrupting your original wiring and transforming your relationship patterns.

Our Solution For You: We Help You Grow Your Love Significance

After observing many people repeating their dating patterns year after year, we created a social dating platform to help singles break through their personal limitations, leave their ego-driven priorities behind, and peel off the false perceptions and unrealistic expectations. We are committed and inspired to create lasting connections for you. Our dating and coaching program has helped many singles increase their success rate, win their dating competition, and become who they desire to be!

We believe that whatever you can dream of, you can achieve. Allow our dating coach to raise your love significance and help you rise above your competition! You can count on our support in this journey!

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