“The perfect act is a physical expression of the mental manifestation of spiritual integration”~ Jack Schwartz

Personal magnetism is the ability to unlock another person’s spontaneity. If you are afraid to lose anything, you are not free. Only when you are free, you can get magnetic. Once you master a skill, to the point that you don’t think about the execution anymore, you’ll express your will with an empty mind and allow the magic to take place.

Spontaneity plus Intuition equals Magnetism

Spontaneity Is Crucial For A Love Relationship

Aristotle was teaching Alexander the Great about the marriage between self-regulation and spontaneity: “Pleasure is found in the consciousness of free spontaneous action.”

Happiness is a free and successful expression of your will—leading to flow, comfort, and pleasure!

All that is needed for happiness is a large reserve of spontaneity. That’s why spontaneity is the essential element for a love relationship.

Attention → Imagination →  Spontaneity  →  Love

  • Spontaneity is an impulsive, uncontrollable activity produced by your nervous system; without the direct influence of mind

When there is not enough spontaneity for even everyday life, people get serious, reserved, and tense; at the beginning from time to time, then later it becomes consistent and causes depression. People think they can fake being relaxed and happy—but the truth is—everyone around them feels their energy.

  • Spontaneity is impossible without imagination. Love starts with imagination. It only provides energy flow to resources or people that a person is interested in. In order to awake imagination, one has to first capture the attention.

One cannot fall in love with someone or something using the will of their minds. The flow of spontaneity can only be caused from the outside, by someone else catching their attention. Any pressure prevents the growth of spontaneity, as stress interrupts the flow of energy

  • Expectations kill spontaneity. Spontaneity is an absolute absence of expectations.

Accepting things and other people as they are without getting disappointed will help spontaneity to stay uninterrupted and magnetism to grow.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” ~ Albert Einstein 

Once you master your dating skills to the point that you don’t think about the execution anymore, you’ll express your deliberate intent and will. You’ll do so with an empty mind and allow Universal flow to take place—then you’ll experience magic and love in your life.

Formula For Personal Magnetism

Spontaneity  + Will Power  =  Personal Power, Magnetism & Charisma

The Golden Rules Of Attraction And Success:

  • A magnetic person is someone who gains access to another person’s spontaneity
  • Spontaneity is an uncontrollable impulsive activity that is produced by the nervous system—without the direct influence of the mind
  • The higher your spontaneity is, the higher your magnetism and vital energy will be
  • The quality and amount of spontaneity depends on the level of consciousness
  • The higher the level of a person’s vital energy, the happier he is
  • Happiness is a free and successful expression of will
  • Energy (spontaneity) depends on your Ego settings (boundaries with others, self-esteem, self-respect, self-regulation and will power)
  • A successful person is not the one with perfect time management but the one with perfect energy management
  • Respect for others humbles us and self-respect makes us autonomous
  • The higher the self-respect, the higher the magnetism

Influencing others is only possible through imagination and never directly through the mind. (That’s how most advertisements work)

Words are not contagious. Emotions are!

When Spontaneity Is Missing

Let’s look at a few examples of what singles’ lack of spontaneity looks like.

  • Example 1 – “I Am Too Intimidating”

Myth #1:

Men are looking for young, beautiful and stupid women, and get intimidated by smart educated, successful, and accomplished women.


TRUTH: Men are not afraid of smart women. Men are afraid of boring, dry, cold, negative, arrogant, intense, full of themselves, bossy women. Men are looking for emotional support, relaxation, warmth, attention, pleasure, bliss, and excitement in women more so than physical attraction and intellectual stimulation. What can a smart woman with no spontaneity give to a man? She can offer intellectual stimulation but cannot deliver emotional pleasure and satisfaction. Having a high intellect is only a plus if spontaneity is present!

  • Example #2 – “Women Are After Money”

Myth #1:

Women are not looking for good-hearted men but are focused and motivated by material benefits and attributes first and the most.


Usually men, who are afraid of this type of women, are actually the ones who are lacking resources, have an inflated sense of self-esteem and bad boundaries. As a result, they most often are lacking charm, charisma, and have zero spontaneity. They’re unable to create a fulfilling, engaging magnetizing, romantic connection. These men get hooked on women who they have little to no chance with. In reality, they are of a very low significance in the eyes of the women they are after. However, they cover reality with endless self-deceptions and illusions—protecting themselves from the truth. They believe that women are only after money.

The truth is, they are not attractive to the woman due to their lack of spontaneity and charisma. They refuse to accept the fact that another man—one with a higher level of spontaneity, charm, and charisma—would be able to attract her with little to no financial investment.

  • Example #3 – “Women Love Bad Boys”

Myth #1:

Women love “bad boys”. “Nice guys” finish last.


Women love kind men, and value them for their stability—both moral and financial! Women do not like men with no spontaneity, blocked energy; or who are needy, insecure, boring, scared, timid, rigid, or intimidated.

With my 15 years of experience matchmaking, I can confirm:

  •     Between two smart women, a man will pick the one who is more spontaneous
  •     Between two spontaneous women, a man will always pick the smart one
  •     Between two women—one only spontaneous and one only smart—a man will pick the spontaneous one

In trying to explain it, men will call spontaneous women feminine, sexy, sweet, alive, emotional, expressive, with a spark in the eye – everything that is so attractive to men!

What attracts others to you is your vital energy! Nothing else! 

Stop the self-deception! Stop hiding behind your endless delusions! Learn with us how to become spontaneous and turn into a love magnet with our coaching tools and strategies!

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