Emotional Nakedness Photos: Simplicity Ultimate Sophistication

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ~ Carl Gustav Jung

We are calling you to embrace your authentic self-representation and trust us with reflecting in your photos your true self, soulful essence and authentic energy signature that makes you unique; not through excessive makeup, accessories, hairstyle, clothing or stage poses, but though capturing your emotions and the spark in the eye with professional lighting and a sensitive photographer, who is feeling and understanding who you are and what message you are trying to deliver to the world.

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Authenticity And Vulnerability

Removing the masks that protect you from the world is only possible if you are confident, and accept yourself for who you are—imperfections and all. You must have no illusions about your deficiencies and still love and respect yourself. A camera, just like a litmus paper and a magnetizing glass, brings to the surface all of your insecurities and self-defenses, peels off all the masks, and mirrors back every attempt to look better, prettier, younger, thinner, etc.

Being vulnerable, honest, and transparent means not being worried about the outcome of your exposure; and that requires courage and self-love. To be emotionally naked requires humility and being humble enough to admit that you don’t have it all together all the time. Emotional nakedness might seem tough, but it is absolutely worth it; it helps create real intimacy and true connections that all of us long for at the end of the day.

Your portrait reflects the best expression of who you are without any color destruction and while remaining timeless, versatile, subtle, and making a statement and evoking mood and emotions.

A great image is a matter of the right lighting and highly depends on the professionalism of the photographer, his creativity, and his technical skills.

Our beauty team of hairstylists and professional makeup artists is specifically trained to give you the most natural hairstyle and “no makeup” look.

After your images are selected, they will be slightly retouched to realistically emphasize your natural beauty by professionals who work in the highest levels of the fashion and beauty industry.

The main purpose of the photo and your profile is to engage, provoke interest, deliver the right message, and attract the right person to you!

Most people hate having their pictures taken and feel they are not photogenic. The process makes them feel intimidated, as they have no experience and have a hard time getting relaxed and being themselves. Our team is trained and experienced to deliver you a comforting experience and results that will not be disappointing.

To Keep In Mind

  • What’s grabs and drives attention to you is who you really are—not who you think you should be
  • Your illusions and false self-perceptions are visible to everyone but you
  • Where your mind goes is who you really are. And it shows up in your profile and photos!

Our goal is to make you look natural and youthful, as that is seen as beautiful by most people in this culture. The more youthful, natural, and healthier you look, the better.

  • Facial attitude

Your energy will show through your eyes, smile, and facial muscles. Your confidence, spontaneity, and ability to relax and be present is crucial here

  • Smile with your eyes

Just a smile is not enough. Your eyes usually will show whether your smile is fake or not. Even if you’re friendly, funny, or just plain happy, smiling is not necessarily the best way to go. Having alive energy in your eyes, speaking with your eyes to the camera, and being emotionally awakened is often more engaging than producing a fake smile—the authenticity and sincerity is what will make you more attractive.

  • Eye contact

Making eye contact with the camera is effective for some facial expressions, but less so with others. However, when trying to connect with another person, avoiding eye contact is ineffective.

  • Photo context

Create a story with your photos which reflects your personality with an accent on your eyes and lips; not by acting or adding details and accessories, but the opposite—through your facial expression that will highlight your inner essence.

  • Professional makeup and hairstyle

We encourage you to show your skin and even your wrinkles. Don’t waste money on a professional photographer if you are planning to do your hair and makeup yourself. (use professional makeup advice – for example – any lip color darker than natural will add age to your face in the photo…)

  • Different looks

Your portrait shall have a natural, youthful look; reflecting your personality with an accent on your eyes and lips, with no distracting details from your face. Make sure you have photos showing different sides of you or pick the one that represents you the most:

  • Romantic look – sexy and attractive; like if you were going on a romantic date with your dream partner
  • Casual  look  – showing you in your natural and comfortable environment
  • Individual look – reflecting your personality, passions, talents, interests, hobbies, lifestyle, work, dreams

What To Avoid:

  • Glamour Shots

Looking like a model in your profile may generate lots of responses, but is likely to disappoint when you actually meet. If you’ve been made to look glamorous by a good photographer and Photoshop applications, then your looks, in reality, do not match the created images.  Hollywood Glamour Shots are welcome to be added to the gallery of your images but shall not be your profile photos. Glam shots tend to intimidate. They do not engage and invite connections, and that’s what your main purpose shall be.

  • Pictures With Other People Or Cropping Them From The Photo

Not only is it not nice to have someone’s picture online without their permission, but at first glance, it looks a little strange. Is that your brother? Husband? Ex-boyfriend? Best friend? Which of the two faces belongs to the profile? It’s plain confusing. Cutting them off or blacking them out can look just as bad. Avoid pictures with anyone else in them. They’re buying into the idea of contacting YOU, not joining your family or social circle!

  • Poor Quality Pictures

Photos that are dark, light, fuzzy, blurred, or taken with a phone, do not create a spontaneous interest towards you and don’t stimulate curiosity to get to know you better

  • Hats, Sunglasses, And Hair In Face

Unless you really do have something to hide.

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