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Matchmaking Gift Certificate

Pay Per Date Matchmaking Package


You will be offered a one-on-one private interview and a coaching session with a matchmaker and relationship expert Sophia Andreeva, who will analyze your needs and desires, carefully evaluate your family background and the history of your past relationships to identify your patterns of behavior. The matchmaker will assess your core personality characteristics and discuss your values and goals to clarify your important emotional and interpersonal needs and desires in order to find your true match. The matchmaker will also learn about your physical appeal and other private personal preferences to define what will be that unique chemistry that leads to a strong lasting relationship. After the interview you will be offered a few carefully selected canditates to choose from for your romantic date.


Our search is NOT based on aggressive marketing schemes, computer matching, video databases, or on-line tests. We recognize that all clients are unique and we use a unique strategy for each individual client when searching for their ideal life partner. We create an action plan of custom-networking, advertising, personal connections, and community outreach. We invest time getting to know you and your potential matches, thereby providing you with the most accurate results.


Our commitment to finding your perfect match is based on your lifestyle, life goals, personal values and psychological compatibility. We DO NOT find matches based on common interests and hobbies. We believe the relationship is all about how two romantic partners act in life’s prickly situations. It’s their ability to create a good “fit”, even when their connection doesn’t seem seamless, smooth and natural. We encourage our clients to focus less on physical criteria or common interests and more on a potential romantic partner’s “relationship skills” or “emotional intelligence”.