Written by Arielle Ford

We live in a world full of paradoxes…the “success” teachers say we need to write long lists full of goals – short-term, long-term, even 5-year goals. The “spiritual” teachers advise us to “let go and let God.” The Law of Attraction tells us that we will bring to us the people, places, and experiences that match our “state of being.” It’s easy to see why some people might just get confused and/or frustrated.
I think that all of these approaches work if you believe they will (depending on your level of consciousness and to some degree destiny).
For me, goals often show up as “things I think I should want or should have” based on influences of the world around me. These things will not necessarily make me happy or bring me fulfillment. Otherwise, all rich people would be insanely happy and satisfied. Research shows that lottery winners are no happier one year after they have won than before they got the money, and that someone making $10 million a year is no happier than someone earning $50, 000 a year. And yet, when it comes to writing out goals I’ll bet 99% of us have making more money as a top goal.

When it comes to manifesting a soulmate, I do believe it’s important to have clarity around the heart traits and qualities you MOST desire in a partner along with a general idea of what your lifestyle will be like (the city you where live, the types of activities you participate in together).
AND, I also believe that if you try to completely design every last detail about your soulmate, you are setting yourself up for extreme limitation and you aren’t allowing the Universe to bring you someone who can make you happier than you can even imagine. You literally become a roadblock to your own success.
My current understanding is this: when we listen to our inner voice, and allow our most heart-felt desires to be “heard,” THEN we can hold a clear intention for our soulmate. It’s also a good idea to be unattached to when and how they show up in our lives while maintaining a “knowing” that they are already ours.
This requires practice. This is the “let go and let God” part of the process.
So, ultimately it’s a combination of goals (I would call them intentions), trust and knowingness (the spiritual part) and the Law of Attraction (the “being” part) that is the recipe to calling in your beloved.
Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,
Arielle Ford

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