The Sophisticated Matchmaking experience enlivens the senses, instills a sense well-being, and fulfills even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our clients. We recognize the importance of creating a confidential, comfortable, non intimidating or competing atmosphere for our clients.


Our search is not based on aggressive marketing schemes like computer matching, video database, or on-line tests. We recognize that all clients are unique, and we choose a unique strategy for every particular client when searching for their ideal life partner. We create an action plan of custom networking, advertising, personal connections, and community outreach. We invest time getting to know you and your potential matches, thereby providing you with the most accurate results.


Our commitment to finding your perfect match is based on your lifestyle, life goals, personal values and psychological compatibility.  We DO NOT find matches based on common interests and hobbies.

We believe the relationship is all about how two romantic partners act in life’s prickly situations. It’s their ability to create a good “fit”, even when their connection doesn’t seem seamless, smooth and natural. We encourage our clients to focus less on physical criteria and common interests, and more on a potential romantic partner’s “relationship skills” or “emotional intelligence”.

You have probably asked yourself many times why you choose the same type of partner over and over again, why partners change so much after having sex, why you are attracted to the opposites, if the relationships will get better or worse after the marriage, why chemistry doesn’t always mean love? Some people feel they can no longer trust their intuition or their own judgment regarding their choice of a romantic partner.

We will help you find answers to all these questions, to understand yourself, and to analyze your needs and desires. We carefully evaluate your family background, and the history of your past relationships to recognize your patterns of behavior. We assess your core personality characteristics and discuss your values and goals to clarify your important emotional and interpersonal needs and desires in order to find you a person who will be your true match. We learn about your physical appeal and other private personal preferences to define what will be that unique recipe for chemistry that leads to strong lasting relationship.


Matchmaking is a very delicate and sensitive process. We are dealing with people’s feelings, hearts, emotions, wounds, their most private secrets and desires. The integrity and intuition of a matchmaker is extremely important in this process. The success of the introduction depends on how well the matchmaker was able to get to know you and your possible match, on her intuition and the unique psychographic matching process.

The in-depth interviews enable us not only to learn about your preferences, but to determine how realistic your expectations are. It’s crucial to be prepared to be patient, realistic and a little vulnerable through the process. We recognize that we are dealing with the most private and often the most vulnerable parts of people’s lives. Our emotional support, feedback, recognition of personal strengths and sometimes hidden “roadblocks” motivates, builds positive confident attitude and enables our clients to achieve their personal goals and helps their personal growth which is inevitable for deeply fulfilling loving relationships.


We value our client and social member’s privacy and confidentiality. We guarantee personal information will never be given out without the express written permission of the individual. All personal information is totally private and discreet and is viewed internally by only the trusted professional matchmakers of the SM stuff. We treat all clients and social members equally with the same confidentiality and privacy.


We prepare our clients to be at their very best to meet their first potential match in order to make the right impression.  We are available to our clients throughout the entire process. We listen carefully to their insights after the date and provide them with feedback from their dates and our recommendation to help them not only to meet the right person, but to have a good chance to build a good connection with them.

We believe that immediate follow up, excellent communication and sensitivity to our clients’ feelings, needs and emotions, are crucial in the process of defining the perfect match. A sophisticated approach and commitment to find a perfect match (and not just a great date) is what makes us different from the rest of matchmaking companies.