The Reason Men Want To Dress Well
I was thinking recently about the motivation behind men’s fashion, and I can assume that we, who are part of the Fashionbeans community, are all stylish gents who take the utmost care in our appearance. The question is why? Why do we spend all of our money on clothes (that might just be me)? Why do we spend what can take years to find our own timeless style? Why is it so important? Upon reflection I came up with a loose answer.
For me it all goes back to the often used description of the stock action hero “women want him, and men want to be him”. We all want men to envy us and women to want to be with us, it’s a basic masculine need to be the best guy in the room. We all know what other men think about men’s fashion, but what do the fairer sex think? With that thought I hit the streets armed with nothing but a notepad and a cheesy smile to ask them…

A Woman’s Point of View
I tried to interview a range of women in different professions and at different ages, obviously these opinions are unique to the individuals I asked and shouldn’t be read as the opinions of ALL women. Answers have also been transcripted after the event and tidied up to make them more readable. Hopefully by the end of it we can tie some key concepts and ideas together as a general guide.

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(article by Joseph Aaron)

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