Our Process



Our first conversation will usually take 20-30 minutes. We will learn briefly about who you are, what you are looking for and we will determine whether or not we can be of service to you.


Before we schedule a private first interview, you will be asked to complete our “Comprehensive Personal Profile”. Please complete as much information as you can.  In this way both of us will be prepared for the interview and save time. We must receive the completed “Comprehensive Personal Profile” at least 24 hours prior to our scheduled interview meeting time.


You will be scheduled to have a “Private Confidential Interview”. This interview usually takes about 2.5 hours and possibly a bit more. We will dedicate as much time as necessary to ensure that we completely understand what it is you are seeking. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible. In this way you will be confident and assured that we can fulfill your needs and wishes. This one-on-one interview is conducted in a relaxed but professional atmosphere at a convenient confidential location.

*The fee associated with the consultation is for Sophias time and does not guarantee membership or any introductions to individuals. The consultation fee is nonrefundable.

During this interview:

  • We will learn more about your family and past partners. We will help you evaluate your past relationships and identify your particular patterns.
  • We will learn more about you, your lifestyle, personality, character, and personal expectations. We will then define your personal criteria so we can conduct the personalized search,  addressing your specific, individual preferences, geographic considerations and various compatibility requirements. We want to know the little nuances of your personality – your energy, intelligence, humor and personal presentation – what makes you special and desirable. We will inspire you and all of your senses to enjoy a new happier life.
  • We will help you set personal relationship goals for a more rewarding future by creating a Love Development Plan.
  • We will go though every detail of the process with you so you get a clear understanding of how our services work and what you can and cannot expect while working with us.
  • You will be given an opportunity to view some of your possible matches from our database.
  • You will also be introduced to our policies, public statement, terms and conditions, rules and practices so you can make a deliberate choice whether or not our service is for you.


Upon the conclusion of our meeting, you will have private time to consider what we have discussed. Following the in-person ‘Assessment’, both potential client and Sophisticated Matchmaking should know whether they desire to move forward with representation or not. If both Sophisticated Matchmaking and the potential client choose to move forward with representation, we will sign an Agreement. Fees are due and payable at the signing of this Agreement. Then, on your behalf, we will begin the matchmaking process to actively search for eligible singles that meet your criteria.

*Price of matchmaking plans depend upon clients specifications as to their potential mate, frequency and number of introductions, and ancillary services chosen. Love and dating coaching plans are available per request.


While we are working to select the best matches for you, we will help you to be at your best for your first introduction.  First impressions are important. We will coordinate your image makeover for you. We will make your personality, physique, lifestyle and sense of fashion sparkle. A wardrobe revision and a visit with a salon stylist will bring out the best in you to help you make a deep and lasting, positive impression on your potential match. We will help you physically achieve what every woman/man is looking for, yet let you maintain your unique characteristics. Having an open mindset and your willingness to accept positive changes are required at this point. We do not charge for our consulting services, but the actual cost of your traveling expenses, the new wardrobe and salon services will be yours.


Do you have a business plan when you are starting a new business? Do you have a plan when you are ready to start a new page in your romantic life? Living a deliberate life cannot be part time. We will help you to build and visualize your personal goals and to fulfill your dreams.

Goal setting is a key element for everyone who wants to live the life they deserve. It is one of the most beneficial components of our program. Systematizing something as fundamental as goal setting, by tapping into the very powerful psychology of the human mind, will help you not only to understand what you are looking for, but to understand yourself better and plan your future by dream casting and writing goals in the form of positive affirmations. The goal-setting session makes things crystal clear and is extremely powerful.


Within the first two to three weeks we will contact you regarding potential matches. Each candidate will have been carefully screened and interviewed. You choose whom you want to meet based on recommended guidance and suggestions. The entire process is discreet, safe, dignified, comfortable, and most of all, results oriented. Each introduction is made based on mutual approval. Once you have approved one another, you will exchange information. We will coordinate your first meeting to ensure both parties are comfortable. We will be with you throughout each step of the matchmaking process to ensure that you are making the best use of your time, energy and efforts.


Feedback is a very positive and useful tool to help you to become the best you can be.  It is a crucial element of the process.  It helps us to better understand your preferences, needs and desires. We can provide you with big picture feedback on your dates, giving you insight into dating patterns or behaviors you might be overlooking on your journey to find the right person.


If you would like to use our services but you do not live in Washington, we will still be happy to serve your needs.

* Please keep in mind that meeting in person and conducting an interview is a MUST!  We cannot start working with you without a personal face to face meeting. We do not believe that we can provide you with excellent service and find you what you are looking for through strictly electronic communication (internet/phone/etc).

When it is not convenient for you to fly to Seattle, WA we can make arrangements to fly to your location. Extra fees will apply. We are looking forward to providing you with the best alternative to online dating. Our CEO will meet you at a convenient location and will spend enough time with you to learn about you and what you are looking for in order to find you a perfect match.

REQUEST more information or call us at (206) 683-0089.