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At Sophisticated Matchmaking, we offer an exceptional VIP matchmaking experience tailored for discerning singles seeking meaningful and lasting relationships. Our services extend beyond traditional matchmaking, providing deep, personalized coaching and relationship support throughout the entire duration of the contract, including after hours and weekends.

Our aim is to help you establish realistic target criteria and introduce you to a curated selection of quality romantic possibilities, ensuring satisfying and fulfilling results.

Matchmaking Evaluation Process

To deliver the finest matches, we conduct a meticulous evaluation through the following five steps:

  1. Removing Inflamed Self-Perceptions: We begin by helping you let go of any inflated self-perceptions that may impede your relationship potential.
  2. Checking Boundaries for Weaknesses: We assess your personal boundaries to identify any vulnerabilities or gaps that need attention.
  3. Determining Frustration Levels: We evaluate the level and type of frustration you may be experiencing to gain a deeper understanding of your emotional state.
  4. Evaluating Personal Resources: We examine the state of your personal resources to ensure you have the necessary support and stability.
  5. Assessing Spontaneity: Finally, we gauge the amount of spontaneity you possess, which can be crucial in fostering and maintaining a vibrant relationship.

Our sophisticated approach ensures that every personality nuance is carefully considered. We understand that while desires are significant, it is essential to align them with what is genuinely available and compatible. This deep understanding and attention to detail lead to the most successful and fulfilling connections.


The success of an introduction relies heavily on how well the matchmaker understands both you and your potential match, using intuition and a unique psychographic matching process. Our high success rate is primarily due to the matchmaker’s ability to thoroughly screen potential matches. This goes beyond simply filling out forms about likes and preferences; it involves assessing whether personalities can blend, evaluating emotional maturity, conflict resolution capabilities, and determining how realistic, authentic, and appreciative individuals are. We employ in-depth filtering and proven interviewing techniques to vet all potential matches, applying a unique and custom-tailored approach to identify, filter, and qualify potential matches.

First, we meticulously review a client’s detailed profile, which includes over 150 personal questions to cover all statistical information about the person. During our client interviews and evaluations of potential matches, we avoid asking direct questions. Direct inquiries can often lead to manipulated responses, as individuals may provide answers they believe are expected. Instead, we focus on attentive listening and observe how individuals narrate their stories. The essence lies not in the facts themselves but in the personality conveyed through their storytelling. While it takes time to truly understand someone, many valuable insights can be gleaned from just one extended interaction.

When interacting with people, we aim to understand their internal settings, level of consciousness, self-esteem, self-respect, state of personal resources, and most important values and needs. Only after a precise evaluation do we start reviewing potential matches, ensuring that desires are not merely an ego trip but have the potential to result in a deep, lasting connection.

During the interviews, we evaluate individuals using the following criteria:

  • Energy Type
  • Energy Level
  • Locus of Control
  • Self-Esteem Level
  • Self-Illusions & Illusions
  • False Masks / Communications & Boundaries Glitches
  • Objective & Subjective Significance
  • Personal Boundaries State
  • Personal Boundaries Stages / Level of Consciousness
  • Type of Frustration
  • Predator or not
  • Level of Magnetism & Spontaneity

While it may initially appear complex, once you grasp the core concepts and dynamics, they become impossible to overlook. We assure you that embracing these insights will lead to profound changes in your life. Initially, you might observe these traits in others, but with time, you’ll begin to recognize them within yourself.

To begin our exploration, we’ll share a questionnaire used to assess each individual we encounter. Please note, this form© is to be completed by the matchmaker after the interview, not by the client.

This comprehensive approach, combined with our deep understanding and nuanced evaluation, sets the stage for the most successful and fulfilling connections.


Do you live your life at your full potential? Many people are dissatisfied with their relationships, yet refuse to take steps to improve them. The only way to get where you want to be is to take deliberate actions towards your dreams. And we will help you with an effective plan of action. We will help you take control of the internal forces that shape the direction of your life, allowing you to fully realize your romantic, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual potential. We will review your assessment results to:

  • Help you identify strategies for closing gaps between your dream life and your realty
  • Advise you on which of our services will best match your needs
  • Provide you with further recommended resources to continue your self-improvement journey


Your inquiry will be handled in privacy and will be kept in the strictest confidence

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